Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

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October 31, 2017


Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement give the easy way to solve this problem. Solve the Screen Replacement step by step.

Gather the necessary tools, and make sure you have a large open space to work on. Open the Compaq laptop required tools there are Screwdriver Set, Laptop Case Open Pry Tool, Hook and Pick Set, Screw Extractor Set, Digital Multimeter, Soldering Station, Desoldering Pump etc.

Step 1. Remove the two rubber bumpers which cover the screws. They are located on the bottom left and right corners of the laptop. Then, using your small Philips-head screwdriver, remove the two screws which were just removed.

Step 2. Use a plastic opening tool or small screwdriver until you free the first few retaining clips. Once a few clips are loosened, you can pry the bezel the rest of the way off by hand. To do so, pull each side of the bezel outward and towards the middle of the screen until all of the clips have been released.

Step 3. Remove the all screws  in each corner which attach the screen to the LED.

Step 4. Carefully push the LED from the screen, while keeping in mind that there are cables attached to the LED screen.The LED will save from the screen, but the cables will not.

Step 5. Then Remove the video cable from the back of the screen.

Step 7. Remove the eight  screws four on each side which attach the hinges to the screen.

Step8 . Remove the Screen. Then use new laptop screen. Using your screwdriver, replace the screws of each side.

Step 9. Connect the video cable. Carefully not to damage the cable,  to touch the base of the circuit board on the monitor.

Step 10. Lift the plastic LCD up to the back of the screen, and press them together so that LED now hinges with the screen.

Step 11 . Replace the four screws that hold the screen. Snap the plastic bezel on, and replace the two screws which connect the bezel to the computer. complete all process .

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